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Industrial interior and exterior design has become a worldwide trend. The love of this emotive and raw atmosphere has entered the wedding stratosphere, resulting in unique and rustic receptions utilising raw textures with contemporary elements. This has promoted a love affair with planning an industrial wedding in Brisbane.

It all starts with choosing industrial ceremony and reception venues that are abundant with raw textures like concrete, tin, rusted metal, and bricks. The natural aesthetics of the location and building will set the perfect atmosphere for the celebration.

Imagine a 200kg giant crystal chandelier suspended from a rusty 80 year old beam located in an old manufacturing building. Native Australian flowers spilling out of chic repurposed glass jars perched atop handmade recycled timber tables. Glowing festoon lights effortlessly draped across weathered brick walls. When raw textures are combined with contemporary elements and fresh foliage, the result is simply stunning.

Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony at Factory51

Industrial Ceremony Venues

Some couples love the idea of having their ceremony at the same industrial venue as their reception. This provides an all-weather solution and gives guests extra time to mingle without the need to travel between locations. For the more adventurous type, there are plenty of industrial and rustic ceremony locations in Brisbane. Suburbs like Coorparoo and Woolloongabba have stunning industrial buildings that back onto beautiful parks. Pay a small council fee and hire a local company to set up your ceremony and post-nuptial refreshments.

Industrial Wedding Photos

As guests are enjoying refreshments, the bridal party are off to capture memorable moments. Whether you are under a bridge, in front of an old railway line, or next to a wall covered in graffiti, industrial backdrops make for incredible photos. When scouting locations, it’s a great idea to visit at a similar time of the day to your ceremony, taking into consideration the change of season. Other considerations include the ease of access (think: high heels), if there’s any shade to give reprieve from the sun; and if a car can be parked reasonably close to the photo location.

TIP: From time to time, council routinely remove graffiti, so choosing a wall with more permanent expressions of art is advisable.

Brisbane Factory 51 Wedding

Industrial laneway photo at Factory51

Styling for an Industrial Wedding

Industrial venues provide the perfect canvas on which to mix vintage and rustic treasures with contemporary furniture and one-off pieces. One of the best reasons to choose an industrial space is that they already possess so much character and points of interest! They can be a cost-effective option as they don’t require an excess of florals or styling to look incredible. Industrial venues have a rawness that promotes creativity and imagination. Try keeping a lookout for items that can be salvaged or repurposed for your special day in the time leading up to your wedding.


Choosing the right lighting can transform an industrial or rustic space into atmospheric bliss. Hang festoon lighting or fairy lights to soften exposed brick or concrete walls. Contrast raw textures with a crystal chandelier that will bring unexpected glamour to the space. Hire or forage for vintage warehouse lighting to complement the surrounds and give a feeling of intimacy. If there’s need to disguise the ceiling of the venue, weave fairy lights back and forth creating a faux ceiling of light. And, don’t forget the timeless candle which adds beautiful warmth and romance to the space.

TIP: Battery powered copper fairy lights are great for wrapping around posts, filling glass jars, or making your greenery sparkle.

festoon lighting on rustic wall for wedding

Lighting sets the mood of a wedding at Factory51


The overwhelming benefit of using florals or foliage for an industrial wedding is that they add a soft and natural element to the raw space. The most convenient and affordable way is through laying fresh greenery down the centre of the table. Succulents and cacti are also great alternative options. Living arbors and floral arrangements housed in recycled materials can bring life to a dead corner or provide a focal point for the evening. Industrial venues are often blessed with exposed trusses that can hang anything from small floral displays to a floating ceiling of greenery.


To embrace the industrial and rustic theme, do away with tablecloths and chair covers, and opt for handmade timber tables and natural chairs. When choosing your tables or dry bars, ensure they are sturdy and practically safe. You don’t want exposed nails causing harm or a collapsing table mid-reception!

Industrial Wedding Setting

Handcrafted timber tables perfect for share feasting at Factory51


Linen napkins will provide elegance and softness to the table setting. For centrepieces, objects like glass jars, mercury votives, wine bottles, copper candle holders, and rusted mirror bases work well with the industrial theme and add a little intrigue. Most of these items can be collected over time, sourced from friends, or bought from op shops and department stores at minimal cost. When it comes to crockery, earthy rustic tones and unusual shapes work best to enhance the uniqueness of the theme.


We love industrial weddings and are privileged to host many in The Workshop at Factory51. If you’d like to check out our rustic industrial space, feel free to contact us – we’d love to show you around!


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