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Google “Roses are red, violets are blue…” and you’ll find numerous variations of lines expressing the same sentiment: I love you. Classic rom-coms are full of suitors ready to impress on the doorstep posy in hand; and we all gush when a bouquet turns up at the office on Valentine’s Day. It’s no wonder that the timeless romance associated with flowers has cemented them as a wedding staple. From bouquets to boutonnieres, centrepieces to hanging installations, floral designs are a key component of any wedding. They bring colour, texture, and beauty to a space, adding to the loved-up mood of the special day.

One such person delivering on the romance is Amber Gibbons, co-owner and lead floral designer of Mrs Gibbons Flowers. With careers in floral styling, business development, and wedding coordination spanning over 20 years, Mrs Gibbons Flowers has helped create thousands of designs for weddings, parties, fashion shows, and corporate events. It’s safe to say, Amber has a load of experience and passion when it comes to wedding flowers! We chat to her about creating floral designs that dreams are made of.

Image: George Bowden

Hello Amber! Thanks for chatting with us. Firstly, what is it about flowers that make them a timeless wedding inclusion?

Thanks for having me! There are many reasons to include flowers. I think the key ones are that flowers have the ability to complete a space, elevate a style or vibe, and can speak about who you are as a couple.

‘Complete’ is a great way to describe the role of florals, taking a space and making it feel finished. We agree that the style and vibe of the wedding can be expressed through floral designs, and as you mention, reflects the couple. What types or styles of flowers are you seeing (and loving) at weddings lately?

I absolutely love when a couple knows who they are and aren’t afraid to express that through the designs in their day. I love seeing that more than any style to be honest! Each wedding is a unique expression of the couple, and so I feel honoured to be able to work with my clients to deliver that through flowers.

That’s so true… suppliers get the privilege of entering into the couples’ lives, understanding who they are, and then creatively delivering that vision on the wedding day. What role do you think the wedding venue plays when it comes to considering floral designs?

Great question! When considering the designs for a space, the couple should speak with their florist about what structures, tables centres, etc., will bring the best out of the space. In other words, ask “what pieces will elevate it?” For example, Factory51 has exposed brick, beautifully high ceilings, and polished concrete floors. You could take florals in a couple of different directions (rustic Italian, industrial glam, etc.). One suggestion would be to couple metal frames with bold modern floral designs to enhance the industrial style.

Image: Quince and Mulberry

You mentioned speaking with the florist there as part of the consultation process. We love the idea of couples and wedding professionals working together to create something incredible. What do you think couples should look for in a potential florist?

Look for a florist – and this should apply to all of your vendors – who’s aesthetic you love and resonates with you. This will help you start on the same page and be able to create something amazing from there.

Are there any helpful questions that couples should ask?

Plenty! Here’s a few to get started:

  • What colour palette do you think would work best in the venue as well as our bridal party colours?
  • Are you available on our wedding date?
  • Have you worked at our venue before?
  • What pieces do you think would enhance the space best for our budget?
  • Do you have any recommended suppliers who would suit our style and vibe?

That’s a good start! What other factors do couples need to consider when it comes to florals?

  • Have a good idea of your style, vibe, and colour palette for the wedding, trusting your florist to best bring your style to life through beautiful designs.
  • Try not to be too hung up on specific flowers, but rather allow them to design something based on your palette, style, and budget.
  • Be reasonable with your budget. Flowers for a large bridal party will be anywhere from $1700 up so having a smaller budget will not allow for hanging installations, large scale arbours, and mega table centers. Think of the area that is most important for your space and focus on making that space shine.

We think trust is such an important thing to remember. With seasonality, availability, budget, colours, etc., there are so many variables, so trusting your florist to best deliver on your vision really matters! Ok, time for a fun question: we know it can be ridiculously hard to pick just one flower, but give us an idea of some of your favourites to work with lately?

My favourite flowers will always be the same, especially as we work in Queensland and don’t have access to so many beautiful blooms. Some of my favourites are orchids (all orchids) lilac, water lilies, and lotus. But, I will stop there as I could go on all day!

Amber, thanks so much for bringing your wisdom and experience to us today. We love your work and seeing what you design for couples!

Image: Common Studios | Styling: For Love and Living

If you’re looking for a florist who loves nature and desires to see people’s dreams come to life through flowers, then be sure to contact Mrs Gibbons Flowers for a chat! Amber can create magic at Factory51 for your ceremony and reception. You’re welcome to come in for a tour of our rustic industrial space and get the creativity flowing for your gorgeous florals!


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