Your Pre Wedding Beauty Timeline

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Embarking on the journey to your wedding day involves more than just planning the event—it’s also about preparing yourself to look and feel your best. A pre-wedding beauty timeline is essential for ensuring that every detail, from skin care to hair and nails, is perfectly in place. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of when to start beauty treatments and routines, helping you avoid last-minute stress and ensuring you glow with confidence as you walk down the aisle.

12 Months Out

Skin Care

Starting a skincare routine a year before your wedding allows you to address any concerns and achieve a glowing complexion for your big day. Tailoring your routine to your specific skin type and concerns is crucial, as what works for one person may not work for another. Consulting with a dermatologist can provide personalised advice and treatment options, ensuring your skin is in its best condition. Whether it’s incorporating daily sunscreen, finding the right moisturiser, or tackling specific issues like acne or hyperpigmentation, early intervention is key to beautiful wedding day skin.

Physical and Mental Health

Embarking on a journey to improve your physical and mental health 12 months before your wedding can have a profound impact on how you look and feel on your special day. Adopting a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, while limiting processed foods and sugar, can improve your energy levels and skin health. Regular exercise not only tones your body but also releases endorphins, reducing stress and enhancing your mood. Incorporating mindfulness practices, such as meditation or yoga, can further support mental well-being, helping you stay centered and calm throughout the wedding planning process.

6 Months Out

Hair Care

Choosing your wedding hairstyle six months in advance and starting any necessary hair treatments early is crucial for achieving the perfect look. Whether you’re dreaming of lush, long locks or a sleek, styled updo, beginning treatments like deep conditioning, trims to prevent split ends, or even considering extensions can make all the difference. This proactive approach not only ensures your hair is healthy and vibrant but also gives you plenty of time to experiment with your chosen style, guaranteeing that your hair complements your overall bridal look flawlessly.

Dental Work

Scheduling dental work like whitening or crowns six months before your wedding is key to ensuring your smile is as radiant as your glow on the big day. This timeframe allows for any treatments to be completed and for your mouth to fully heal, guaranteeing that your smile is bright and photo-ready. Whether it’s achieving a pearly white sheen through professional whitening services or perfecting your smile with dental adjustments, starting early gives you the confidence that your smile will shine brightly in every picture.

3 Months Out

Body Care

As your wedding day approaches, enhancing your body care routine becomes essential. Three months out is the perfect time to focus on intensifying your skin’s hydration, ensuring it looks supple and radiant. This period also allows you to seek professional treatments for any specific skin issues you might be facing. Whether it’s addressing dryness, improving texture, or targeting problem areas, personalised care can make a significant difference. Investing time in these treatments ensures your skin is at its best, reflecting your inner glow on the outside.

Waxing or Laser Hair Removal

Starting waxing or laser hair removal treatments three months before your wedding ensures that you achieve the smoothest skin possible for both the big day and your honeymoon. This timeline allows for the necessary sessions to effectively reduce hair growth and minimise any skin irritation, giving your skin ample time to heal and adjust, especially if you’re trying laser removal for the first time. Smooth skin will not only enhance your confidence in your wedding dress but also ensure you’re ready for any honeymoon attire.

1 Month Out


Beginning tanning sessions a month before the wedding, whether opting for self-tanning products or professional spray tans, allows you to gradually build up to your desired shade with control and precision. This timeline ensures any tans look natural and evenly applied, avoiding the risks of overexposure or mismatched tones close to your wedding day. Starting early also provides the opportunity to test different shades and methods to find the perfect match for your skin tone, ensuring a radiant and natural-looking glow that complements your bridal beauty perfectly.

Manicure and Pedicure

Starting your manicure and pedicure trials a month before the wedding allows you to experiment with different colours and treatments to find the perfect match for your wedding day aesthetic. This process ensures that your nail colour complements your overall look and theme, avoiding any last-minute mismatches. It also gives you the chance to test the durability of different polishes or gels, ensuring your nails look impeccable throughout the ceremony and beyond, capturing the essence of your bridal beauty without compromise.

1 Week Out

Final Touches

Scheduling your final waxing or laser hair removal session a week before the wedding ensures your skin is smooth and has time to recover, minimising the risk of irritation on your big day. Additionally, confirming all beauty appointments for the week of the wedding, including hair, makeup, and nails, helps avoid any last-minute scheduling conflicts. This organised approach guarantees that all beauty details are taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying the countdown to your wedding with peace of mind.


In the final week before your wedding, prioritising relaxation is key to arriving at your big day feeling refreshed and stress-free. Engaging in stress-relieving activities, such as a tranquil spa day or a session of gentle yoga, can significantly enhance your mental well-being. These activities not only help soothe any pre-wedding jitters but also ensure that you’re mentally and physically prepared to enjoy every moment of your celebration.

Day Before

Manicure and Pedicure

Scheduling your manicure and pedicure just a day or two before the wedding ensures your nails are perfectly polished and reduces the risk of any chips or damage. This timing allows for the freshest look, aligning with your overall bridal appearance and ensuring your hands and feet look impeccable in both close-up ring shots and full-length photographs. Opting for durable polish or gel can also provide extra assurance that your nails will remain flawless as you walk down the aisle and throughout the celebrations.

Skin Care

On the eve of your wedding, prioritising skin hydration is essential for a radiant complexion. Adhering to a well-established skincare routine, using products you know and trust, minimises the risk of adverse reactions. This precaution is crucial, as introducing new products can lead to unexpected issues. Staying hydrated and maintaining your regular skincare regimen ensures your skin is at its best, glowing naturally without the worry of irritation or breakouts, allowing you to shine on your special day.

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