Autumn Wedding Style: Rustic Romance

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Increasingly, couples are selecting wedding components that thoughtfully reflect the season that their wedding date falls in. In our latest post, we explored the vibrant warmth of summer. In this post, we move into the rich hues of autumn, and how choices in venue, attire, and colour palette can reflect the golden season.

During the Autumn months, spanning from March to May, the intense heat of the Australian summer gives way to cooler, more comfortable weather, making it a popular season for nuptials. In 2024, the trends for an Autumn wedding are all about embracing the season’s natural palette and warmth. With its rich colours and cosy ambiance, Autumn provides a rustic and romantic setting for weddings.

Venue: Embracing a Rustic Reverie

For autumn weddings in 2024, couples are selecting venues that showcase the season’s rustic beauty. Locations such as vineyards, trattorias, and country estates are particularly popular, allowing guests to enjoy the crisp autumn air alongside the comfort of a cosy indoor setting. Gardens, often still lush at this time of year, provide a beautiful natural setting, with the changing leaves creating a stunning visual display. Couples are also drawn to historic buildings and manor houses, where the charm and warmth of the architecture complement the season.

Factory51’s rustic and romantic wedding space, The Workshop, is the perfect venue. Exchange vows within the exposed brick walls, with a giant crystal chandelier hanging overhead. Rich timber tables crafted by hand provide a tablescape ready for touches of autumnal styling.

Styling: Warm and Rustic Elegance

The styling for an Autumn wedding leans towards a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic. The colour scheme often incorporates rich, warm tones like burgundy, burnt orange, deep yellows, and forest green, echoing the natural changes of the season. Decor elements include natural wood, vintage furniture, and soft lighting, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The use of candles, fairy lights, and lanterns adds a romantic glow, enhancing the ambiance. Styling in autumn is all about balancing elegance with a touch of rustic charm, reflecting the season’s warmth and richness.

Flowers: Seasonal Richness

Floral arrangements for Autumn weddings take inspiration from the season’s natural bounty. Popular choices include richly coloured blooms like dahlias, marigolds, and chrysanthemums, complemented by textured foliage, berries, and branches. The trend is towards more natural, free-form arrangements that mimic the natural abundance of the season. Florists often incorporate elements like seed pods, dried flowers, and foliage to add texture and depth, reflecting the season’s earthy essence.

Beverage Choices: Warmth and Spice

Beverage selections at autumn weddings often lean towards richer, more robust options. Full-bodied red wines, spiced ciders, and warming spirits are popular choices, complementing the hearty flavours of the menu. Cocktails infused with apple, cinnamon, or caramel notes are popular, offering a cosy and indulgent experience.

Menu: Comfort and Seasonal Flavours

The menu at autumn weddings is all about warm, comforting dishes that highlight seasonal produce. Root vegetables, pumpkins, and grains feature prominently, offering a comforting and satisfying dining experience. Slow-cooked meats, rich sauces, and warm, spiced flavours are common, providing a culinary experience that’s both indulgent and fitting for the season. Desserts often include seasonal fruits like apples and pears, with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg adding a warming touch.

Factory51’s Italian-inspired menu is beautifully suited to an Autumn wedding. With handcrafted pasta, slow-cooked meats, and delicious desserts, we ensure that guests don’t leave hungry! Our portions are generous, and our signature shared feast is a popular choice.

Bridal Gowns: Embracing the Autumnal Elegance

Bridal gown trends for autumn weddings in Queensland showcase a blend of elegance, comfort, and seasonal reflection. Light yet warm fabrics, subtle colours, intricate detailing, and a touch of bohemian flair come together to create a bridal look that is both timeless and in tune with the season’s character. Layering is another trend gaining popularity, with removable skirts providing a transition from ceremony to reception. Textural elements such as ruffles, tiered skirts, and 3D floral appliqués are also on-trend, adding depth and interest to the gown, reflecting the diverse and rich textures of the autumn season. Colour-wise, while traditional white remains popular, there’s a growing interest in incorporating subtle autumnal hues – think champagne, ivory, and even soft blush tones – reflecting the natural palette of the season.

Photography: Capturing Autumn’s Gentle Light

Autumn provides a unique opportunity for wedding photography with its soft, diffused light and rich natural colours. Photographers are capitalising on the golden hues of the season, using the natural backdrop of changing leaves and the warm, gentle sunlight to create romantic and moody imagery. The trend is towards a more natural and candid style of photography, capturing the authenticity of the moment against the stunning autumnal landscape. The lower sun angle also offers a unique opportunity for dramatic and artistic shots, particularly in the late afternoon.

Stationery: A Nod to Nature’s Palette

When it comes to stationery for autumn weddings, the trend is to mirror the season’s colour scheme and motifs. Invitations, save-the-dates, and other stationery items are featuring deeper, richer colours – think burgundy, forest green, and navy, often paired with metallic accents like gold or copper for a touch of elegance. Designs incorporate natural elements such as leaves, branches, and seasonal florals, setting a tone of rustic sophistication for the event. There’s also a growing preference for textured paper and sustainable materials, reflecting an eco-conscious approach that resonates with the season’s earthy essence.

Autumn Weddings

As couples say their vows amidst the splendour of the Australian autumn, they create moments that are not just about the union of two hearts but also a tribute to the season’s natural majesty.

The popularity of March to May weddings means certain dates are in hot demand! Our recommendation? Contact our Event Manager to book in a site inspection, and be sure to check out availability in the meantime. If your preferred dates are already taken, consider a weekday wedding during school holidays when family and friends may be more inclined to take leave.


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