Summer Wedding Style: A Sun-Kissed Soirée

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Couples are increasingly choosing wedding elements that thoughtfully mirror the particular season. The vibrant warmth of summer, the rich hues of autumn, the enchanting allure of winter, and the delicate beauty of spring will be reflected in their selection of venues, attire, colour schemes, and overall wedding design. In this series of posts, we’ll explore how modern weddings embody the essence and aesthetics of the changing seasons.

First up, the season that Down Under is known for: summer. Spanning from December to February, summer provides an idyllic backdrop for weddings to bask in the glory of sunlit days and starry nights. However, it also requires thoughtful planning to ensure that the comfort of guests is maintained throughout the celebration. As couples plan their nuptials during this season, there is a distinct trend towards embracing and reflecting summer’s energy and brightness in various aspects of their wedding.

Venue: Outdoors vs Indoors

Summer weddings in Australia often take advantage of sun-drenched days by choosing outdoor venues. Beachfront ceremonies, garden receptions, and rural settings are popular for their scenic beauty. However, it’s important to think through the realities of sweltering heat and how to keep guests comfortable. Couples may like to consider a later ceremony time, water stations, and shady areas if choosing an outdoor space. Alternatively, beat the heat by opting for the comfort of an air-conditioned ceremony and reception venue.

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Bridal Gowns: Elegance meets Comfort

In the Australian summer, bridal fashion trends lean towards a combination of elegance and comfort. With the mercury rising, brides are opting for lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, and silk, which offer breathability and ease of movement. Silhouettes are becoming more relaxed, with flowing lines and less structured designs. Popular styles include off-shoulder necklines and shorter hemlines that cater to the season’s casual and laid-back nature. The emphasis is on staying cool and comfortable without compromising on style.

Photography: Capturing the Summer Light

Summer weddings provide a golden opportunity for photographers to capture the essence of the season. The trend in photography is to utilise the abundant natural light, creating images that are bright, airy, and full of life. Photographers are taking advantage of the longer daylight hours, scheduling sessions during the ‘golden hour’ for soft, warm, and flattering lighting. Outdoor settings are preferred, with backdrops of beaches, gardens, and rustic landscapes. There’s also a move towards more candid and spontaneous shots, capturing the joy and relaxed vibe of a summer wedding.

Styling: Bright and Airy Themes

Styling for summer weddings tends to lean towards a bright, airy, and relaxed ambiance. Colour palettes are often inspired by the season, featuring vibrant hues or pastel shades that echo the summer sky and landscape. Decor typically includes light fabrics, floral installations, and natural elements like wood and stone. Fairy lights, lanterns, and candles are used to add a romantic glow, particularly as the celebrations transition into balmy evenings.

Menu: Fresh and Light

The menu at summer weddings typically features fresh, light, and seasonal fare, in contrast to the heavier cuisine of cooler months. Dishes are often prepared with local produce, showcasing the best of what the season has to offer. Seafood is a popular choice, alongside grilled meats and an array of salads. For dessert, couples are opting for lighter options like fruit tarts, sorbets, or pavlovas, providing a sweet but refreshing end to the meal.

Beverage Choices: Cool and Refreshing

Beverage selections are focused on keeping guests cool and refreshed. Signature cocktails featuring summer fruits, spritzes, and chilled wines are mainstays. Craft beers and cider also make a popular choice, offering a refreshing alternative. Non-alcoholic options, such as infused waters and iced teas, are essential for providing guests with relief from the heat.

Flowers: Seasonal and Radiant

Floral arrangements in summer weddings capitalise on the abundance of seasonal blooms. Brightly coloured flowers are popular, often mixed with lush greenery to create a sense of abundance and vitality. Native Australian flowers, such as waratahs and bottlebrush, add a unique and local touch to bouquets. These vibrant arrangements reflect the season’s energy and add a splash of colour to every aspect of the celebration.

We love seeing summer brights in the floral choices at Factory51! The colours pop against our exposed brick, coupled with festoon lights to give your wedding that summery feel.

Stationery: Bright and Cheerful Designs

The stationery for summer weddings in Australia mirrors the season’s vibrant and cheerful mood. Invitations, save-the-dates, and other paper goods are featuring bright colours, floral motifs, and light, playful fonts. There’s an inclination towards incorporating elements of nature in the designs, such as beach scenes, native flowers, or rustic illustrations, to set the tone for a summer celebration. Eco-friendly stationery made from recycled materials is also on the rise, aligning with a growing environmental consciousness among couples.

Christmas Weddings

Christmas in Australia provides a wonderful opportunity for couples to infuse their wedding with festive spirit. Floral arrangements for a Christmas-themed wedding can include traditional flowers like red roses, holly, and Christmas bush – a native Australian plant that blooms in December with red or pink flowers. Adding touches of greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, can tie the arrangements back to the Australian landscape.

Summer Weddings

The trends for summer weddings in Australia are a reflection of the season’s characteristics – bright, airy, and full of life. As always, couple’s may choose to design their wedding however they want! However there is something special about taking into account the season you’re getting married in.

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