The Midweek Wedding: Guest Edition

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The charm of midweek weddings is not just confined to couples but extends to the guests as well. For guests, midweek weddings emerge as a mixture of unique opportunities and nuanced challenges. While the intimate aura and cost savings are undeniable pros, the conflicts with professional and personal commitments may require some navigation. We take a balanced look at attending a midweek celebration from a guest’s perspective.

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Pros of Midweek Weddings for Guests

Travel and Flight Savings

The demand for flights peaks during weekends, leading to escalated prices and often, limited availability, especially for popular destinations. In contrast, flight prices tend to be significantly lower during weekdays. Guests can not only secure budget-friendly fares but also enjoy a broader selection of flight times and routes, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective journey.

Hotel and Accommodation Savings

Hotel bookings see a surge on weekends. It often translates into higher room rates and the early exhaustion of available accommodations, especially in venues close to the wedding location. The weekday calm ushers in an array of choices for guests. Hotels, often experiencing lower occupancy midweek, offer rooms at discounted rates. It’s not just about the cost but also the luxury of choice, where guests can pick from a variety of room options and even indulge in upgrades without stretching their budgets.

Car Rentals and Transportation Savings

Guests are likely to find attractive deals on car rentals and local transportation. The reduced demand ensures that a wider range of options is available at prices that are notably lower, adding to the overall cost savings.

Travel Ease

Less traffic and fewer crowds during the midweek make the travel experience more relaxed and enjoyable for guests. Let’s face it, no one likes to sit in peak hour traffic and risk being late to the nuptials!

Enhanced Intimacy

Midweek weddings are typically more intimate affairs, allowing guests to engage more deeply with the couple and fellow attendees. This closeness fosters a personal touch, making the experience memorable.

Personalised Experiences

Due to the smaller scale, the couple can offer more personalised attention, making guests feel more valued and special. This may include personalised gifts, a custom wine list, or high-end dining experience. It can also extend to inclusions that may otherwise be left for the guest to arrange themselves (think personalised transfers from their accommodation to the ceremony and/or reception).

Venue Experience

We all like to get a little fancy from time to time! With midweek weddings, guests have the opportunity to experience upscale venues that might be unavailable or unaffordable during a typical weekend wedding. This all contributes to the overall guest experience at your wedding.

Holiday Opportunities

For destination weddings, midweek dates provide guests an excellent excuse to extend their stay for a mini-vacation and explore the destination. Midweek dates offer another subtle yet significant advantage. Tourist spots are less crowded, and local attractions often come with discounted entry fees, ensuring that guests can enjoy the destination without the usual hustle and bustle.


By attending a midweek wedding, guests are indirectly contributing to sustainability efforts. These weddings often mean less strain on venues and destinations, leading to a more ethical and environmentally friendly celebration.

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Cons of Midweek Weddings for Guests

Work and Commitment Conflicts

Guests might find it challenging to take time off work or other weekday commitments to attend the wedding, leading to potential declines in RSVPs.

Travel Considerations

Traveling midweek can be a challenge for those juggling professional responsibilities, particularly for destination weddings requiring more than a day’s commitment.

Childcare and School Commitments

For families with children, midweek weddings can pose logistical challenges related to school schedules and childcare.

Financial Implications

While costs for services are often lower midweek, guests might incur expenses related to taking leave from work or additional childcare.

Energy Levels

Attending a wedding midweek might mean guests are less relaxed and energetic due to work and daily routines. They may also be inclined to leave early if heading to work the next day or needing to get back to the babysitter.

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Guest Tips for Attending a Midweek Wedding

Balancing work, family, and social commitments requires strategic planning to ensure a seamless and enjoyable wedding experience. Here, we outline practical tips to navigate through these challenges while making the most of the celebration:

Informing the Workplace Early

As soon as you receive the wedding invitation, inform your employer and colleagues about the dates you’ll be away. Early communication facilitates smoother planning and minimises disruptions. If possible, arrange to work remotely or be available online to manage critical tasks, ensuring work continuity.

Utilising Leave Strategically

Evaluate your annual leave and plan to use it judiciously. Consider half-days if the location is nearby to optimise your leave days. If possible, align the wedding attendance with existing public holidays or weekends to extend your break without exhausting your leave balance.

Family and Childcare Arrangements

If you have children and plan to leave them at home, arrange for reliable childcare well in advance. Consider involving close family members or hiring professional services. Communicate early with family members and fulfill any impending commitments before attending the wedding to ensure peace of mind.

Planning Travel

Book your travel and accommodation as soon as possible. Midweek options could offer cost-effective solutions and greater availability. Plan your local commute, especially if you need to travel between the venue, accommodation, and work if you’re working remotely.

Delegating Responsibilities

Delegate essential responsibilities and provide comprehensive handovers to ensure work progresses smoothly during your absence. Ensure family members are aware of their roles in managing household chores and responsibilities while you’re away.

Engaging with the Celebrations

Inform the couple early about your plans to manage expectations and assist them in their planning. Coordinating travel or accommodation with other guests can enhance the experience and help manage commitments.

Isn’t that thoughtful!

If you’re considering a midweek wedding, we hope this guest perspective has helped you! At the end of the day, it is your wedding, however being considerate of the effects on your guests – aka your nearest and dearest – is a thoughtful way to approach your planning.

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