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Everyone knows the first question that people ask after hearing you’re engaged – that’s right, “how did he propose?” But here’s a little test, do you know the second question? If you answered, “when’s the wedding?” you’d be correct. Once you’ve announced your engagement, you’ll need to start working towards setting your wedding date.

There are many factors that go into choosing the date of your wedding. It’s important to consider these within a broader discussion about the type of wedding you imagine. Are you after something small and low key? Are you wanting an epic celebration? Have you got your heart set on a particular wedding supplier or venue? The outcomes from these discussions will largely determine your ‘when’.

We recommend grabbing your fiancé and talking through some of the following considerations:

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How long will you need to save? Of course, this question in and of itself leads to many other questions. The best time to start a budget is now! Get a realistic understanding of what sort of financial cost you’ll be looking at for your wedding. If you haven’t been putting money aside, or if finances are limited, then factor in the time you’ll need to save before the wedding day.

Planning Time

How do you imagine your wedding planning to go? Can you make quick decisions, or are you the type who likes to take their time? Some people are quite comfortable in having a short engagement, making quick bookings and arrangements. Others may feel too rushed and would prefer a longer lead time to make plans.


Do you have your heart set on a certain wedding photographer, band, or venue? If so, you’ll need to find out their availability. Wedding suppliers are often in demand and some may book out a year or more in advance. Have a chat to your favourites and work out whether availability (or lack of) is going to be a dealbreaker.

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Significant Date

Is there a significant date that you’d like to be married on? Perhaps it commemorates your first date, your parent’s wedding anniversary, or the first time you exchanged “I love you”. Sentimentality is sweet, and if it’s meaningful to you, then go for it!

Peak Seasons      

Saturday evenings are the most popular time for a wedding, and peak wedding seasons are Spring and Autumn. Add the Christmas period (late November and December) and you will likely see higher venue minimum spends or room hire costs. Consider peak times/seasons in relation to your budget and availability.

Special Holidays

Are you wanting to combine your wedding date with a special holiday? You may like the idea of giving your guests a long weekend (tip: this is great if you’re planning a destination wedding). Perhaps you want to couple it with free fireworks over Riverfire, or maybe you want to make New Year’s Eve one to remember.

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Dreaming of a European holiday in the sun, or wanting to snuggle beside a fireplace on honeymoon? If your holiday destination is important then you’ll need to factor this into setting your wedding date. Weather, availability of flights, and peak tourist season at your destination are all good things to weigh up.


If you’re set on getting fancy with a black tie or formal wedding, then consider choosing a cooler month to be married. Full suits and floor-lengths gowns are classy, but sweaty pits and melting makeup… not so much. You want your wedding to be memorable for the right reasons, not for how uncomfortable everyone was.


Have you always wanted to walk down the aisle with a bouquet of soft pink peonies? If you’re a flower fanatic then you’ll need to see if the blooms you want will be in season at the time of the wedding. Mondo Floral Designs have put together this helpful wedding flowers seasonality guide.

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Wedding arrangements can be time consuming without the added stress of exams or not being able to take adequate leave. If you’re studying or teaching, consider working in with university holidays or school breaks. Typically, there is a lot to be done the week before the wedding, and you’ll want time off for a honeymoon afterwards.

Out of Town Guests

It’s considerate to give overseas or interstate guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend your wedding. They may need to save financially, request leave, or secure flights. Giving out of town guests notice as soon as possible is thoughtful and likely to render their attendance.


Yes, it’s your day, but it’s more fun if you can share it with those you love! Discuss schedules with your immediate family and bridal party. Whilst trying to work around everyone may prove difficult, there may be existing plans that you’ll need to factor in when setting your wedding date.

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We hope these considerations are helpful when choosing the date of your wedding! If you’re after a rustic industrial wedding, be sure to contact our Functions Manager Ellie for a personal tour of Factory51. She would love to chat with you more about your ideas, and discuss available dates that will work in with your plans.


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