20 Fun Wedding Reception Games and Activities

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A wedding reception is not only a celebration of the newlyweds’ love; it’s also a chance for everyone present to participate in the joy, create memorable moments, and engage in an atmosphere of fun. Traditional wedding receptions featuring dinner, dancing, and speeches are timeless, but can sometimes become predictable, leaving guests sitting around waiting for the next item on the agenda. Some couples choose to inject some more unique and engaging activities into their celebrations. These games can add fun, laughter, and memorable moments to your wedding reception. The key is to choose activities that encourage interaction and bring a light-hearted feel to the celebration. Here are 20 fun wedding reception games and activities that will keep your guests entertained:


Photo Booth

An all-time favourite, photo booths provide fun keepsakes for your guests. You can select a backdrop that is complementary to your styling, and add props that align with your wedding theme from vintage hats to funky glasses.


Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is a classic ice breaker that’s guaranteed to elicit laughter. The newlyweds sit back-to-back, each holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s. A designated person asks a series of fun questions about their relationship (e.g., Who said I love you first? Who is the better cook? Who made the first move? Who is most likely to be late?). Each partner raises the shoe corresponding to their answer, leading to a series of hilarious and sometimes surprising revelations.


Wine Tasting

For the wine connoisseurs, a mini wine tasting can be an elegant and enjoyable activity. You can hire a sommelier to guide the experience and educate your guests about different wines.


Live Painter or Caricature Artist

Hire a live painter or caricature artist to capture your special day. Guests can watch a painting come to life on canvas throughout the evening, acting as a keepsake for the bride and groom to take home. A caricature artist can create personalised artwork for guests to have a giggle at and keep as a memento. It’s fun to watch and makes a unique memento of the event.


Sip and Solve

‘Sip and Solve’ is essentially a wedding-themed word search puzzle that your guests attempt to solve while enjoying their drinks – hence the ‘sip’ in ‘Sip and Solve.’ This game offers an engaging activity for guests during downtimes in your reception, such as cocktail hour or while waiting for the newlyweds to make their grand entrance.



Inject some energy into your wedding reception with a dance-off. This can be done in various ways — pair up guests randomly, create a dance circle, or let the DJ lead a group dance to a lively tune. It’s a fun, fantastic way to fill the dance floor and get everyone grooving.


Silent Disco

A silent disco allows everyone to groove to their own beat. Guests wear headphones and choose between different music channels, catering to varied musical tastes.


Video Messages

Set up a private area where guests can record heartfelt video messages for the newlyweds. This makes for a touching keepsake to look back on.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

Give guests a list of moments or items to capture with their phones or disposable cameras. This game encourages guests to interact and produces an array of candid, memorable photos from your special day.


Marriage Advice Cards

Place cards and pens at each table, encouraging guests to share their wisdom and advice for a happy marriage. Later, these can be read aloud or gathered and saved as a special keepsake.


Wedding Bingo

Personalized Wedding Bingo cards add a unique spin to the traditional game. Instead of numbers, use moments or items from your wedding day. The first person to spot these occurrences and complete a line wins. This game keeps guests observant and involved in the day’s proceedings.


Giant Board Games

Larger-than-life board games like chess, Jenga, or Connect Four offer fun, easy entertainment that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.


Memory Lane

Display photos of the couple throughout their relationship and have guests share their own memories and well-wishes in a dedicated guest book.


Keep the atmosphere light, encourage participation, and your wedding reception will be remembered as a joy-filled celebration that truly honoured your special day.

Table Quiz

An interactive table quiz or trivia game about the newlyweds can be a great ice breaker, sparking conversation and friendly competition. Include questions about your relationship, likes, dislikes, or any funny anecdotes you’re willing to share.


Charity Activity

In lieu of wedding favours, set up a donation station for a cause that’s close to your hearts. This activity brings warmth and depth to your celebration.


Mad Libs

Wedding-themed Mad Libs is a great game to break the ice and get guests laughing. They fill in the blanks in a story about the couple, often leading to some hilarious outcomes.


Wedding Wheel

Create a spinning wheel with various tasks or challenges written on it. Guests can spin the wheel and perform the challenge for a fun, interactive experience. Challenges can include: Pick a Couple to Kiss, Buy the Bride and Groom a Drink, Show Us Your Best Dance Moves, Make an Impromptu Toast.


Anniversary Dance

This game is a charming way to celebrate all the loving couples at your wedding. All couples start dancing, and the DJ gradually calls out numbers representing years of marriage. The last couple standing, which is usually the one married the longest, imparts marriage advice to the newlyweds.


Bridal Bouquet or Garter Auction

Instead of the traditional tossing of the bouquet or garter, turn it into an auction. The proceeds can go towards your honeymoon or a charity of your choice.


Couple’s Roast

We all love a good toast, but what about a couple’s roast? Invite your guests to roast the bride and groom lightly. This requires a good sense of humour, but it can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate your quirks as a couple.


Wedding Reception Games at Factory51

Choosing the right wedding reception games can make your special day an interactive, entertaining, and memorable occasion. Remember, the best activities are those that reflect you as a couple, appeal to your guest demographic, and suit your venue. All of the ideas above can be incorporated into a wedding reception at Brisbane’s Factory51. Feel free to chat with our Events Coordinator about including these fun aspects, and pop in to take a tour of our rustic industrial space.



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