2023 Wedding Trends

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As the world of weddings continues to evolve, so too, do the trends that couples use to make their special day unique and memorable. Some trends come and go, whilst others make a lasting impression on the bridal industry. Take a look at the 2023 wedding trends we’re seeing and expecting to see this year:

Vibrant Colour Palettes

Move over neutral palettes, it’s all about colour in 2023. Couples will be turning to vibrant and bold colour palettes to make a statement at their wedding. From electric blues and fuchsias, to pastel lavender and peach tones, couples are looking for ways to bring colour back into their special day. Check out this funky fairytale wedding captured by Lauren Marie Creative

Blur Motion Photos

What was once an indication of an unskilled photographer, is now a desirable artistic capture. Cue the blurry loved up photo of the bride and groom alone, guests dancing their hearts out, or up close details of the day. Let’s be clear, this is a trend for a select few of your photos… if you get your gallery back and they’re all blurred, we’d be asking for a refund.

Cake Meadows

Florals are shifting from the cake to the stand itself with the gorgeous introduction of cake meadows. Built up around the base of the cake is a meadow full of beautiful blooms and foliage. Consider this a modern twist on garden theme, with a hand-picked unstructured look. For the wild romantic types!

Unplugged Photo Time

We are fans of the unplugged ceremony, allowing guests to be truly present and photographers to work their magic. But, we all know Aunt Betty is desperate to get that shot, so consider allocating a couple of minutes at the beginning of the ceremony for guests to snap a pic before putting their phones away.

Maximalist Florals and Styling

With post-pandemic times comes the resurgence of maximalist weddings. Noted to have all the bells and whistles, these maximalist weddings are large scale and voluminous when it comes to florals and styling. If you’re on a budget, we recommend choosing a single element to become the focal point of the night.

Dreamy Fabrics

Lightweight and dreamy fabrics are becoming increasingly popular for bridal gowns. Fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, and silkchiffon are perfect for creating a romantic and airy look. These fabrics also allow for more movement and flexibility when walking down the aisle. Not only do they look a dream, they’re comfortable as heck too. Winning!

Champagne Towers

With its romantic and indulgent feel, a champagne tower at a wedding is a breathtaking way to add a touch of elegance to your special day. This unique display of stacked glasses has become a popular addition for many weddings, adding a sense of visual drama to post-ceremony toasts and reception speeches. Opt for a baby tower of just 3 tiers if you’re on a budget or your guest list aren’t big on bubbly.

Beautiful Bows

Bows are an elegant addition to any bridal attire, providing a whimsical and romantic touch to the overall look. From large statement bows to more delicate or subtle forms, there are many ways to incorporate this beautiful element into your bridal gown. You can opt for a bow as a hair accessory instead, with textured ponytails and chic low-buns lending themselves to the tied off finishing touch.

Food Experiences

Couples in 2023 will be looking for more than just a traditional sit down dinner, and will be turning to food experiences to give their guests a unique and memorable experience. From shared feasts to food trucks, couples will be looking for unique ways to give their guests a truly unique experience they can bond over.

Factory51’s signature shared feast is a popular option for weddings in 2023. Delight in mouthfuls of handcrafted Italian fare paired with boutique wines.
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Content Creators

One of the newest trends to hit 2023 is the rise of the wedding content creator. An on-the-day content creator will capture footage of your wedding on their phone, compiling reels and short videos for you to post within 24-48 hours of saying ‘I Do’. This frees up your bridal party and guests to enjoy the celebrations without missing out on all the fun and frivolity.

Mirror Balls

If you want fun party vibes, then mirror balls are an ideal choice for your wedding reception. We’re not talking a singular Studio 54 Disco Ball here, but rather multiple mirror balls in assorted sizes worked into overhead floral installations (like these beauties from AVIdeas). Time to get on the d-floor and dance alongside those tiny beams flickering across the room!

Embroidered Veils

Can we just say, it’s about time! From Meghan Markle’s Commonwealth floral embroidered veil to Hailey Bieber’s ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ statement stitching, we have waited for brides to get onboard. Choose your wedding date, a significant phrase, or delicate floral appliques to personalise your embroidered veil.

360 Photo Booths

Photo booths are nothing new, yet people still love ‘em! Enter the reimagined 360 Photo Booth. Your guests stand on a platform as a rotating camera captures 360 degree video. It then sends the video via text or email, ready for the gram or TikTok. Not only is it super fun, it adds an interactive element to the night which boosts the wedding experience.

Pearl Core

Elegant and timeless designs have made a comeback, with many brides opting for a more polished look on their big day. Pearls add a touch of class and sophistication to any look, which is why they’re a popular choice for brides. Choose to adorn your wedding gown with pearls, select pearl drop earrings, wear a pearl veil, or combine them into your headpiece or bridal hairstyle.

Unnecessary Traditions and Trends

Do we really need another personalised wedding favour? We think not. Skip the bonbonniere and we promise that your guests won’t even notice. Wedding hashtags are also being left behind, as guests enjoy being more present in the moment. As for matching bridesmaids, opt to give your besties some boundaries to work within and let them choose a dress that flatters their shape. Lastly, we’re seeing less of pampas grass as it’s considered a noxious weed and florists simply aren’t stocking them.

Will you incorporate any of these 2023 wedding trends into your big day?

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