2024 Wedding Trends

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Pop the bubbly! 2024 promises a panorama of wedding trends in Australia that are as diverse and rich as the country itself. They mirror a generation that seeks to blend the timeless with the contemporary, the global with the local, the individual with the communal; crafting wedding experiences that are not just celebrated but remembered. As the calendar edges ever closer to 2024, we take a look at the anticipated wedding trends set to define the Australian wedding landscape:

Intimate Weddings

The charm of intimate gatherings will continue to rise. Micro weddings, focusing on a smaller, more personalised guest list, will allow couples to invest in both quality and experience. These scaled-down affairs not only accommodate the practicalities of budget and space, but are an intentional and heartfelt choice to cultivate a warm atmosphere where every guest’s presence is significant.

Retro Wedding Cakes

There’s a sweet nostalgia blossoming in the form of kitsch wedding cakes. These whimsical confections are a playful nod to the past, embracing bold colours, dynamic shapes, and quirky designs. Think heart shapes, layers of ruffled piping, finished with cherries on top. These wedding cakes are not just desserts, they’re conversation-starting centrepieces that reflect the couple’s personality with joy and whimsy.

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Seasonal Styling

We’ll see more couples making wedding decisions that intentionally reflect the season. Spring’s blossoming grace, summer’s radiant glow, autumn’s golden touch, and winter’s moody romance will be echoed in their choice of venue, attire, colour palette, and wedding styling. We’ll see brides ditch the strapless gown in favour of a fitted sleeved silhouette for winter; refreshing spritz’s will replace warm bodied reds in summer; while florals will encapsulate the essence and aesthetics of the season’s surrounds.

Low Key Bridal Parties

In the realm of 2024 wedding trends, the concept of low key bridal parties is gaining traction. We’ll see smaller entourages, attire that is less matchy-matchy, bridal parties taking a seat during the ceremony, and floor plans sans the traditional bridal table. In some cases, couples will forgo the bridal party entirely. This minimalist approach not only reduces the logistical complexities and potential stresses involved in managing a larger party, but also reflects a broader societal shift towards more meaningful connections.

Bridal Aesthetic

The modern bride is a beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary elegance, with three key bridal trends set to steal the spotlight in 2024. First, brides will gravitate towards dramatic silhouettes that unashamedly celebrate the female form. Second, sheer sleeves, whether minimal or voluminous, will be the choice for those wanting both modesty and allure. Finally, we’ll see a rise in separates from tailored pantsuits to voluminous skirts with bustiers. Each outfit will be a narrative of empowered elegance, where the bride is not just seen but remembered.

The Land Down Under has been known to set the pace when it comes to bridal fashion trends, due to it being a hub for so many beloved designers and brands. – The Knot

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Weekday Weddings

The allure of midweek weddings, popularised during the pandemic, continues to charm couples. The benefits are multifold – venues are more accessible, costs are optimised, and each celebration can be an intimate and carefully curated affair. This trend is also a nod towards sustainability, reducing the weekend rush and ensuring venues and locales are not overburdened. Wedding venues, like Factory51, may offer weekday or mid-week wedding rates, sweetening the deal further for couples considering a weekday wedding.

On-the-Day Content Creators

Wedding content creators are making a name for themselves, revolutionising how nuptials are captured and shared. These social media storytellers are hired to document the wedding in real-time, delivering a live feed of magical moments. They blend the immediacy of Instagram stories, the curated aesthetic of professional photography, and the authenticity of raw footage, ensuring no heartfelt speech or spontaneous dance-off goes uncaptured.

Sweetheart Tables

The sweetheart table is an intimate wedding trend gaining prominence going into 2024. A cute alternative to the traditional bridal table, this cosy setup is designed exclusively for the bride and groom. This trend not only allows the newlyweds to enjoy their first meal as a married couple in a more personal setting, but it also serves as a visual focal point, often elaborately styled to reflect their unique love story.

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Little White Dress

Move over LBD, the little white dress is having a serious moment! For brides seeking both style and comfort, this trend celebrates the shift towards a more dance-ready ensemble, allowing brides to move freely and enjoy their celebration to the fullest. These short reception dresses often feature playful hemlines that range from flirty knee-length cuts to modern mini styles, adorned with intricate beading, lace, or feathers. Slip it on before your reception entrance, or have a quickie change before you hit the dance floor.

Tech-Infused Celebrations

Technology will continue to weave its way into the traditional wedding fabric with seamless integration. From digital invites to live-streamed ceremonies and AI-integrated planning, modern day tech will ensure that celebrations are expansive and inclusive. We’ll see drones capturing aerial shots, and custom hashtags used to aggregate digital content. 360 video booths will become the top choice for those a little tired of photo booths yet still wanting to capture all the fun and festivity.

Dining with Difference

Once gracing every plate, the traditional ‘chicken or steak’ is losing traction as couples look to broaden their wedding menu offering. As they well should! Australia’s culinary scene is renowned for its diversity. Wedding menus in 2024 will be eclectic, offering global flavours with a localised twist, focusing on fresh, organic, and artisanal ingredients. Shared feasting will continue to rise as a preferred choice, as couples seek to foster an intimate and connected atmosphere.

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2024 Wedding Trends

The story of weddings in 2024 is one seeking to blend the aesthetic with the experiential. What do you think of these trends? We’d love to see which ones you’re planning on incorporating into your celebration. If you’re looking for a Brisbane wedding venue that caters to these trends, get in touch with us. We’d love to show you around!


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