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We know that many couples have a vision of what their big day will look like. From the stunning dress to the styled venue to the photos that will capture every last detail. We also know that many of you think that vision is unattainable. The cost, the date, the number of guests you want. It all adds up, doesn’t it?! Well, have you considered a mid-week wedding? Before you laugh it off, have you? According to Easy Weddings, mid-week weddings are on the rise with 56% of couples considering a weekday wedding. The wedding industry has had a right shake up over the past couple of years, and more than ever, couples are realising they don’t need to be bound to traditional wedding etiquette. We’re big fans of the weekday wedding, and as one of Brisbane’s best mid-week wedding venues, let us tell you why:


You can choose a meaningful date.


A wedding is often filled with memories of how you met, your first kiss, or that unforgettable proposal story. If you have a significant date that you want to celebrate on, don’t limit yourself to marrying on a weekend. There are only 52 Saturdays a year; 104 weekend days if you throw Sundays in the mix. That means 261 potential wedding dates are cast aside. That’s madness! Choose a date that is meaningful or sentimental to you, and don’t worry if it falls on a weekday. Trust us. It’ll make remembering your wedding anniversary date just that bit easier too!


You can book your dream wedding venue sooner…


Throwing limitations out the window means you have greater flexibility when planning your wedding… which means you can book your dream wedding venue sooner! Many sought-after venues are booked out months, or even years, in advance. Instead of waiting for their next available weekend, choose to wed on a weekday. You can skip the long countdown, get married sooner, and still have the venue that your heart is set on.


While you’re at it, secure your dream team!


Had your eye on a certain photographer? How about a florist that you simply must have? We know that people get attached to their favourite wedding vendors and suppliers. As is the case with venues, the best suppliers tend to book out well in advance. Hold your wedding mid-week, and you’ll greatly increase your chance of securing your wedding dream team. Plus, some vendors offer discounted rates for weekday weddings, so it’s worth asking when you’re getting a quote! Not only that, if you’re the only booking that day, you’ll get their unhurried and undivided attention. We call that a win/win.


Mid-week wedding venues are budget-friendly.


The potential for reduced wedding costs is one of the biggest benefits to holding a weekday wedding. Whilst costs may remain the same when it comes to items like your wedding dress or invitations, you can certainly save big on ceremony fees, reception venue hire fees, and food and beverage costs. That’ll be sure to keep your bank balance happy!


Hold a mid-week ceremony at Factory51 for 50% off, and save an additional $20 per person on your mid-week reception package.


Minimum spends are lower, helping micro-weddings and small weddings.


Many sought-after wedding venues charge a premium minimum spend over the weekend due to high demand. This means if you’re having a micro-wedding or small wedding, your budget may not stretch to cover a weekend date. Hiring mid-week wedding venues with a lower minimum spend on food and beverage, will be friendlier for your wedding budget and allow you to have the intimate wedding you desire.


Can you save even more with a midweek wedding? You bet!


Did you know that the cheapest days to fly are a Tuesday or Wednesday? That means if you’re planning to jet interstate or overseas for your honeymoon, holding a weekday wedding may just be the ticket. If you have friends or relatives coming from out-of-town, a midweek wedding will help reduce their costs, too. Apart from cheaper airfares, hotels also offer lower accommodation rates on weekdays, as do a number of transport hire companies. This will help out-of-town guests extend their stay. Post-wedding day brunch poolside, anyone?


Your nearest and dearest will love an early mark.


Concerned about how your guests will react to a weekday wedding? Don’t be – everyone loves an early mark! Plus, if booking a Monday or Friday wedding, guests will get to enjoy a long weekend. You can also book either side of a public holiday, making their mini-break even longer. Just ensure you give your guests plenty of advanced notice. We suggest sending a Save the Date card or text as soon as you book your wedding venue. If you really want to ensure that everyone can celebrate with you, keep your wedding local! Brisbane has a gorgeous line-up of top wedding venues. This will make it easier for guests to attend, without having to take extended time off work.




Our all-in-one romantic and rustic space makes us one of Brisbane’s best mid-week wedding venues.


The Dream


Picture your closest family and friends entering your venue via a private laneway to witness your heartfelt vows. Imagine joining them seated at long handmade timber tables, feasting on an Italian-inspired menu, paired with boutique wines and craft beers on tap. Envisage your first dance as you gently sway underneath a giant crystal chandelier. This is what dream weddings are all about!


The Details


  • Our mid-week ceremonies will save you 50% off the standard ceremony rate, and an additional $20 per person for a mid-week reception.
  • Our minimum spends on food and beverage are significantly reduced for weekday weddings, too.
  • We pride ourselves on offering affordable luxury with an amazing artisan culinary experience and professional friendly service.


Next Steps


We have just released our 2023 Wedding Package, so contact our Event Manager today to discuss how we can deliver your dream wedding during the week.


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